Saturday, June 4, 2011

Graduation Day

My #1 son graduated from middle school yesterday. Once again, I missed out on the fun. I teach high school and give finals during the time they have graduation. He was one of the validictorians and got to give a speech.

He wouldn't let anyone read his speech before giving it and then forgot to bring it to the graduation. Luckily my oldest daughter was able to bring it to the ceremony and have my husband give it to the counselor right before my son went up to give it! Kids :)

He won the award for the most musical and was so proud! He worked really hard the last couple of years on his music and was really hoping that he would win this award.

This is a picture of him with his girlfriend after graduation. Yes, she does have purple hair. If you haven't had purple hair in 8th grade, you are probably too old to have purple hair now. although I'm thinking of adding green or blue or maybe some red next year when school starts again :)

And yes, I did manage to get a little quilting in before having to go to graduation for my highschool. I've been to so many graduations. This year's was a bit disappointing. This class of students was often referred to as the underachieving class and it showed in their ceremony. We normally have 5-8 validictorians (students with straight A's all 4 years) and this year only had one. Of the Saluditorians (students who only had one B in all 4 years) three of them didn't write a speech. Either they forgot, or weren't told they were supposed to write one. It was really embarassing for the students and parents and teachers as the principal called their names and they turned and said they didn't have a speech ready. Oh, well, one more year down.

I got the best text message this morning from a student that drove me crazy all year long. It said

Sorry its so late but i wanted to thank you for putting up with me this year in science. I really enjoyed your class Ms. Lewis! I love ya! Love S---

That's why I teach!

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