Sunday, June 19, 2011

Do you love pretty things?

Do you like unique, one of a kind, hand made jewelry? Well, my daughters have started their own jewelry making business this summer and have opened an Etsy store called AENeverForget. Check out their blog and find out what they are all about. Then, take a look at some of their jewelry. They are just getting started putting items into their store and will be adding things all summer. Actually, my younger daughter will be manning the store while her older sister will be in Greece having lots of fun and getting inspired by her tennis coach's aunt who owns a very exclusive jewelry shop there. She is doing a month abroad study program. Such a sacrifice! I'm sure she will be sending lots of pictures home and you will see many more creations in the near future.

My daughter hopes to fund her college through sales at her shop (actually, I hope she funds her college this way...she would love to buy clothes!)

Tell your friend. It makes their day when someone 'likes' their items! And it gives her something to do when she isn't playing tennis 5 hours a day :)

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