Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Shipping Day

Yesterday was the big shipping day and lots of people came over to help out. The news showed up and everything was just perfect! We all got our 15 seconds of fame :) Fed Ex brought a HUGE truck and the kids from Vanden got right to work.

Everyone had a job to do. We had save out about 100 quilts to pack for TV and boxes were made up quickly and quilts were packed.

We had a bucket brigade to get the boxes out of the house and out to the labeling station so that each box could get a label on it before getting loaded onto the truck.

The Fed Ex guy was glad to have the help. We had 2,000 pounds of boxes and I'm sure he was happy not to have to put them all on the truck himself!

It took about 45 minutes with everyone working like crazy to get all of the boxes out of the house and onto the truck! I would have been working all day if I had to do this myself. I was so thankful to have so many helpers.

Thank you Fed Ex for providing shipping! It will take about a week to get to Japan.


jill said...

PHEW --- what a labor of love!!
and thank you FED EX!!! they are the best!! time to go put your feet up -- you and your machine need a rest.
God Bless you

Nancy said...

A job well done. Many hands makes light work.

Kudos to everyone involved in this project and a BIG thanks to FedEx!

Helen in the UK said...

WOW - what a job!! Bet you don't know yourself for space and free time now!! Great job :)