Monday, June 20, 2011

Still quilting for Japan

Preemie quilt

Preemie quilt

I still have quite a few quilt tops that were sent for Japan. I'm filling a box and going to send it to the APO address I have. If it isn't too expensive, I will keep quilting and sending boxes to Japan as I can afford the postage. I hope to send a box a month until I have all of these quilts finished and sent. There was just no way I could get everything finished in time to ship out. But, like the fish in Finding Nemo, I will 'Just keep Quilting' and eventually get them all done.

Some of these are for our local project, NorthBay hospital both the Neonatal Unit for the preemie babies and the A Baby is Coming (ABC) program. Can't forget the local babies!

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Tonya said...

"just keep quilting, just keep quilting, just keep quilting". What a blessing you are to so many.

Thanks for my blessing that I got in the mail. I am on a blog break as I just have so much to do. (if you couldn't tell by my late reading of blogs). I will blog it next week and link to you. You really blessed me by sending these!!