Friday, June 17, 2011

Empty Spools of Thread

My Friend Carla and I have been saving out empty spools of thread for the past few months and I have finally filled this huge bucket. I took it in to give to my son's first grade teacher today with a note attached explaining how the thread was used to sew all of the quilts for Japan. I also attached some ideas for using these spools including a sorting game, a stacking challenge, a guessing game and some other ideas I came up with. When I taught first grade, I loved collecting things like this. My favorite collections was old keys. I have over 200 keys and somehow they got lost in the move. I still miss those old keys. If you sew a lot, please save the empty spools of thread for an elementary school near you. Give them to a first or second grade teacher. Trust me, there will be one teacher in the school like me who will love you for it! If you don't have that many spools of thread, ask all of your friends to save theirs for you. This container was from Cheese Balls. It cost me $5 including the nasty tasting Cheese Balls. I think next time I will get the Giant Pretzel bucket instead. Nobody wanted to eat the Cheese Balls and I ended up throwing about half the container in the garbage, but I loved the container, so it was worth it :)

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Tonya said...

That's a great idea! I need a bucket to start saving them for Stephen. I don't do those nasty cheese balls either. YUCK!