Sunday, June 12, 2011

Binky Day today

First, I went to a machine quilter's meeting at my friend Carla's house. Everyone there had a fancy long arm machine, so I did feel a little out of place when they started talking about all of the wonderful things their machines could do, but they were impressed when I said I had quilted over 500 quilts in the 3 years I had been quilting on my little Janome and original Handi Quilter Frame. It isn't what you have, it's what you do with what you have been given that counts :)

Then, onto Binky Patrol where people came and helped trim quilts and bind! I'm not sure how many quilts we got bound, but I brought some home and two other ladies took some home to finish up as well. We have a lot to get done before Tuesday's shipment. We are going to get as many done as we can.

I got 3 done and 3 more half way done tonight and will spend the day tomorrow spending time cleaning and binding and taking kids to their different activities. I sure hope I can get everything done and don't forget anyone! I had better get a good night's sleep tonight. I think I will need a lot of strength tomorrow!

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