Monday, September 20, 2010

More surprises!

These two boxes were waiting for me after work today. One is from Cresco, IA and the other from Temecula, CA. I am waiting to open them until I go to the quilt shop and pick up the quilts that are waiting there for me. First, I have to get my son from cross country practice and get some more gas for the lawn mower. It died on me again yesterday in the middle of mowing the lawn. I actually like the half mowed look, but I'm not sure the neighbors would agree :)
And that yellow thing in the picture is the scooper from cleaning out the rain gutters. I cleaned almost all of them yesterday too. I can't seem to find a minute to rest around here. It rained just a sprinkle on Sunday and that was enough to scare me up the ladder to inspect the gutters. We have pidgeons who like to sit on our roof and their poop clogs the gutters. If we don't keep up wtih the cleaning, they clog and overflow into the house and garage. What a mess! I'd rather spend an hour cleaning gutters than 20 hours cleaning up the mess the rain makes when it gets into the house. But, then I can't take 5 minutes to put the scopper away? Wow :)

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