Tuesday, September 14, 2010

no time to rest

Please keep following me :) but in the meantime, there is no time to rest! Must keep quilting!
I've been working every minute I can and got these two done over the weekend between running here and there. I can't wait for my #2 daughter to learn to drive! Sound crazy? Well, then there will be one less kid to chaperone everywhere. Why is it they all need to be somewhere at the same time?

I LOVE the quilting on this one. I made this up by myself, probably put together from several other patterns I've seen in books and videos and on the internet. It started off as leaves on a vine and kinda turned into this pattern. This is one reason I love the quick stripie quilt from maryquilts.com so much! I can practice these border patterns on a quilt and try new things.

And then when I don't really feel like getting fancy, I can just do something simple and it still looks great!

This one just had some loops and zig zags and it was quickly done. When you are trying to get 200 quilts done in a couple of weeks, you don't have time for fancy quilting.

I really need to get these quilts to Rhoda for binding. I'm sure she is finished up with the last batch and ready for more. Everyone needs a binding buddy like Rhoda!

Off to a school board meeting. My older son is the president of the Jr. Honor Society and has to give a speech tonight. No rest around here!


Cheri said...

I have some fabrics I want to put into a wide strip quilt. You have inspired me to maqle it my next NEW project.

Cheri said...

maqle? what was that? those letters aren't even close on the keyboard so I can't blame my fat fingers...I meant to type make...uh, duh!