Thursday, September 16, 2010

Mr. President

My older son is the president of the National Jr. Honor Society at his school. If that wasn't enough, he is also in a city jazz band, runs cross country, is in the school jazz band, symphonic band and marching band. He is also the drum major for the marching band. He plays the trombone and has a lesson every week as well as a guitar lesson too. I'm thinking this kid needs to do a little more to keep busy. Oh, yeah, how about straight A's. Yep, that will do!
On Tuesday night, he and the rest of the Honor Society had to go to the school board meeting and each give a speech about what is going on at his school. I had to laugh because when he got up to speak, I swear he started turning into a man right in front of my eyes! His voice was so deep in the microphone. He said he was afraid his voice was going to crack. That has been happening a lot :) What a fun time!

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