Tuesday, September 7, 2010

perceived time vs. real time

So now that I'm thinking about managing things in the sewing room and changing the way I deal with my stash a little more, I decided to tackle a few things yesterday. I challenged myself on Sunday to get 10 quilts quilted by the end of Monday. I knew this was going to be difficult and probably wouldn't get done, but I'm way behind on my goal for the year. Last year I got 200 quilts done. This year, I had a lot of health issues and sewing machine issues and just didn't get as far as I did last year at this time. I have so much fabric backing up and piles everywhere that I really need to get things moving around here.
I needed to get the last bit of backing fabric off the machine so went digging through my premade pannels that have been sitting for a couple of years. When I got these two, I thought, oh, how cute are they! I will use them up right away. Each of them had an issue. The top one was cut funny and crooked. No problem. I will just sew borders on it and fix it. Never happened. The bottom one had a big hole in the top, up near the sun. No problem. I will just sew borders on it and fix it. Never happened. Well, it turned out that both of these pannels fit perfectly on the last of the backing flannel fabric I had on the machine. Finished is better than perfect. Once they are bound, you won't know that there ever was a problem. 2 years is too long to sit on a shelf waiting for a turn to be made into a blanket for a kid!
Then, I had 4 of these stripie quilts with backings already picked out. Normally, I would load them one at a time. This time, I sewed all of the backing fabrics together. The backings are longer than the fronts and I will be able to squeeze another quilt inbetween each of the tops. It will save me about 5 minutes time each quilt because I don't have to load the backing fabric each time.
And finally, to the title of this post. I have had some bags of fabric sitting in my living room for about a month. Every day I keep telling myself that I need to go through them and sort them. Every day I tell myself that it will take longer than I have.
Last night I had 30 minutes til bedtime. I pulled out those bags and in about 10 minutes they were sorted, the fabric folded and put away. Then, I grabbed the two boxes of fabric that has been sitting on the floor for about 3 months and folded and put that away. I always think something is going to take longer than it really does.

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Carla said...

See! One box at a time is all it takes.... My bedroom coming along nicely. Donated "not even looked at in a looong time" crafts to http://www.recreate.org/
11 boxes of stuff. Now there is room to put away the stuff I do use.

Shari's wedding quilt going on the frame today. Embossed hearts panto. This one will take me a few days.

Have a great, short, week!