Sunday, September 5, 2010

Getting things done anyways

I'm still not feeling well and took a nap yesterday and again today, but decided this morning I was still going to get some things done. I hate having a vacation weekend and feeling like I wasted it being sick. I HATE being sick. Do you hear me? So, I loaded a quilt top and got it started this morning before having to take my daughter to a tennis lesson. Yesterday at tennis she got really sick and I had to come and pick her up early. She is feeling much better today of course. Kids, they bounce back so quickly. Probably because when they get sick, they stop and rest. I should learn something from them.
Then, after we got back and after lunch I finished up the first quilt top and loaded a second. Lickety quick I had that one quilted too. This one I sewed together last night right before bedtime. Just a bunch of leftover strips from other projects. Mostly pinks and purples. Took about 30 minutes to sew together and another 20 minutes to quilt. Backed with a nice, soft flannel, some little one will be snuggly warm.
And finally, after my nap and folding about 20 loads of laundry, I got this one quilted. I think this is about the shortest time I have had a quilt top sitting around. I made this one about 2 weeks ago to try out a new pattern. Most of the time the quilts need to age a bit. I'm still trying to find the bucket of quilt tops I hid in the garage when my daughter's boyfriend came for a visit this summer. I sure did a good job of hiding them because I have looked and looked and still can't figure out where I put them. Ugh.
I am going to try for one more quilt tonight and then my goal for tomorrow is 6. I have to get some more done for my binding buddy. She is really fast!

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