Wednesday, September 8, 2010

hobby or obsession

On my stashbuster yahoo group the other day someone asked me if I sewed as a hobby or business because I was thinking of how much time I spent on things and how I wanted to balance things more. I have since figured out that my hobby has turned into an obsession! I think about quilting almost all of the time. I think about how I can be more productive, to use up more fabric, to make room for more fabric, to make more quilts. I'm not entirely sure this is healthy :)
But, in the meantime, I am busy again making quilts for kids and there has to be something good coming from that. The top one I did last night and the bottom one tonight. I had a request from an in home nursing program that goes around to help new mothers with their babies. They asked for 25-30 quilts and that just gets me excited to be working again. I love it when I know exactly where the quilts are going and makes me want to work harder.


Judy said...

Thank you for this post! I thought it was just me. I woke up this morning thinking of how to jazz up an old UFO and came up with a plan! I often wake up in the night and lay there thinking about quilting. No aren't the only one. I would rather call it a passion than an obsession.
Hugs to you for making so many donation quilts.

Carla said...

I'm with Judy. It's a passion. And aren't we fortunate to be able to do something we are so passionate about!