Sunday, September 19, 2010

what size quilts?

What size quilts do you normally make? Most of mine are in the 40x60 range. With the need for quilts for bigger size people in San Bruno, I'm trying to make things a little bigger. This one I started last week by putting the borders on the 6 1/2 inch squares and then finished up the top today. I added a couple of borders on it and it is about 48 x 65. Not much bigger, but the extra width will be good as a lap quilt for a bigger person.
I want to make a twin size quilt because my friend is going to be doing the quilting on the bigger quilts. They just take a lot longer to make :) She has the width on her quilting machine. I don't have room to make my quilting frame any wider in the room that it is in now. I have moved the frame at least 10 times since setting it up and it is fitting really nicely right now. I just can't see moving it again until the kids are all gone from the house. That is at least 12 years from now, so in the meantime I will keep making the smaller ones.

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