Thursday, September 16, 2010

here they come!

The blankets are starting to show up for San Bruno. In the clear bags are 27 kid size blankets from Ruth. She is the wife of my oldest daughter's 5th grade teacher. She is also a retired school teacher. In the brown bags are 5 crochet baby blankets from Carol. She is also a retired teacher. What is it about teachers and blanket making? Do you think we all like children so much we do everything in our spare time to bring them comfort too? Or we just can't rest when we quit working :)
The church I thought was going to be our drop off site said they only want money. They said they don't have a storage facility to house the blankets, so we are back to square one looking for a location to drop off the quilts. That won't stop us from collecting because I know that once we get them all, if I have to drive down there myself and walk door to door, I will get these blankets into the hands of the people who need them. We are going to call the hospitals today because many of the people are still in the hospital. You wouldn't believe how hard it is to give things away sometimes.
When I first started with Binky Patrol, the hardest part was finding people who would take the blankets. They all thought I wanted something in return. How could someone want to make blankets and just give them away? But now that they see the quality of the work my group of ladies do, they can't get enough!

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