Friday, September 24, 2010

Just a little heart attack

So, today I was just a couple minutes late in getting to my 6 year old's school to pick him up. I had told him this morning that I was going to be a bit late and to wait for me on the playground. They have teachers who supervise the kids after school for 15 minutes during pickup so I wasn't worried that he would be there alone.

Well, when I got there, he wasn't on the playground. Sometimes, he hangs out in the classroom. I was taking some girls from the tennis team to a match and sent a couple girls in to look for him. They couldn't find him. So, I got out and we all started looking for him. The office called him over and over. The teachers were looking for him, the principal was looking for him and I was asking everyone if they had seen him. I was amazed that I remembered what he was wearing today.

I started calling the parents of his friends to see if for some strange reason they thought they were supposed to pick him up. Both of the ladies that he sometimes goes home with walk home and the first lady said, no, she hadn't seen him today. The second lady did not answer. I called and called, but I knew it took her a little bit to get home. I talked to his teacher and she was helping me with names of kids he plays with and we were about to call those parents, when I finally got ahold of the lady he goes to in the mornings.

She said that her two kids met her as she was walking to pick them up from school and they had my son with them. They said that I had a meeting and that my son had to come home with them. She said I hadn't told her that, but didn't know what to do with him and they were half way home so she took him home and then got the phone call from the school and from me.

I asked my son and he said he just wanted to play with his friends.

I am never going to be even one second late in picking him up again!


Monica said...

Ohhhh the stories I could tell about my son and a couple instances that nearly killed me. Today we can laugh about them but at the time, not so funny.

I'm glad you're little guy was safe and sound.

Barb said...

Wow...I know seeing your son was the best site you ever put eyes on...glad all turned out well.

Anonymous said...

I think it is programmed into our kids DNA to take 10 off parents' lives on a regular basis. My kids are in there 20's and it still occurs on a regular basis. If I calculated my real age I would be in the neighborhood of about 120!! Hang in there!! I'm told it gets better when you die!