Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Cross Country

What a great day to have a cross country meet. It was only 105. If anybody was looking for summer, I found it. It was hiding at the end of September, when it is supposed to be getting cold.

My son decided this year he wanted to run on the cross country team. His older sisters had both run in middle school and his oldest sister did it in high school as well. He just wasn't interested last year and we weren't going to make him do it. He is really into band and keeps busy with that.

He managed to pass 3 kids and came in 4th to last. I was so proud of him. He 'ran' the entire way. I told him that moving his arms like he was running really didn't count as running, but at 105, I could barely get out of the shade to cheer him on!

I was a little surprised nobody had heat stroke out there.

I was really glad to come home to the air conditioner and my son couldn't have been happier to hit the shower!

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