Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Quilt Shop

This is my local quilt shop, A Quilted Heart. It has a great location, righ next to the freeway. Easy access, but not too busy all of the time. They have a great fabric selection, but I'm on a no buy. They have lots of patterns and books. That's usually where they get me. I see a quilt hanging on the wall and think "I can make that" and then buy the pattern or book and then never make the quilt :)
Yesterday I went it to pick up the quilts that were dropped off for the San Bruno project. These were the quilts that were left.
This one was made by one of the ladies who works at the shop. The back is minkie. I love that fabric. SOOOOOO soft. And the quilting is just perfect. Of course you would expect that from someone who works at a quilt shop :)
The rest of these were donated and I don' tknow who dropped them off. I love them all! Flannels that are quilt as you go and so warm and snuggly.

This one below is made from scraps of bright colors and framed nicely. I'm loving this as an inspiration for something even I could do!


Rae Ann said...

I love your blog and all that you have going on Marilyn! I am so happy that you contacted me and that you are willing to share all of this with us on Stash Manicure. :-)

RagamuffinQuilts said...

Lovely quilts! Thanks for sharing!