Saturday, April 4, 2009

Practice quilt

I am doing a lot of thinking about something and while I am thinking I decided to practice some of my quilting patterns on this quilt. Each box has a different quilting pattern in it. I thought when it was done, I could use it to show off my different patterns that I know. It was really hard doing this. I had to change patterns each time I went across the quilt and then back again because each box took two passes with the quilting machine.

I had to really think as I was doing each pattern and then think again on the back pass to remember what was in the box because I had rolled the quilt up to where I couldn't see.

Also for some reason, in the middle of the quilt, the thread tension got all funny on me and I had to rip it out twice. That was really frustrating and made me rethink my original thought.

But, for all of the trouble, I'm glad I tried this idea out. This quilt took 6 bobbins where normally a quilt this size takes 4 so I know I put a lot more thread into this quilt than normal.
It is really hard to take a picture of the quilting on the quilt. The light was going down outside so I tried using the flash, but that didn't help either. I think I need morning light coming at an angle. I will figure this out.

I sure am enjoying this new quilting hobby!

Here are some of the patterns I tried

Wonky Feathers

overall flower pattern

loops and hearts

flower echo pattern

different leaves

sunburst baptist fan

square stipple

more rounded baptist fan flowery thingy?


triangular stipple

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