Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

We are having such a great time here in Ohio. The weather is great, sunny and COLD! Who ordered that. I think the trouble is, when it looks so nice outside, I am expecting the 70's like back at home, but then you step outside and it is in the 40's and I freeze to death.

My daughter had her last home match yesterday and it was Senior Day and they won. It was fun to watch her play and have fun with the team. She lost in doubles and then won at singles. I got to talk to a recruit for next year and tell her all about how my daughter made her choice about the college she finally picked. The girl was looking at a lot of the same colleges that my daughter looked at.

Meeting my daughter's friends and spending time just talking and hanging out was really fun. We sat and talked for a couple of hours in her dorm room and my little guy fell asleep which made for a long night when we got back to the hotel. He was up until 2am!

We went shopping at the college bookstore and got everyone all decked out in Oberlin wear. Everyone on the team laughed at us, thinking we bought out the whole store from hats to sweatpants to sweatshirts to t-shirts, we were ready to cheer them on to victory. I think it must have worked because they played really well against a really tough team.

Then, after the game, there was a BBQ and all the food you could eat! I was so stuffed and had to be rolled home.

Today's plans include an Easter egg hunt and maybe some shopping and swimming. We went to Walmart and picked up swimsuits for the kids and the plastic eggs. It is a nice, sunny, cold day again. I am taking pictures, but can't upload anything from my camera to the computer until I get home.

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