Friday, April 24, 2009

300th post?

wow, I really have had a lot to say! I'm glad for everyone who has stayed around to read my ramblings--thanks Dad :)

And thanks for the comments yesterday. They are the motivation I need to get working again. Just knowing there are people out there watching me, makes me want to get working again.

Yesterday, I cut and sewed a quilt back.

I also finished sewing the blocks for my daughter's room mate--Kristin's quilt. They are up on the design wall and just need a little moving around so no two colors are touching and they will be ready to sew together.

As a bonus, I had to pin together the quilt that has been hanging out on the design wall for about 3 months. That will get sewn together this weekend as well. It is a string quilt.

I really like the colors and pattern of this quilt for Kristin. The fabrics have a music theme. She is a dance/theater/music something major and I couldn't find any dance fabric, so went with the music fabric I had. I love the rich colors of this quilt. Her favorite color is pink, so I will have to put that somewhere on the back of the quilt, but if she doesn't like it, I will take it back and keep it :) Or, make myself one just like it. The pattern is no longer available on the web, it was one of the links on the left side at the top here, Brickwork I think was the name, but the link is broken now. I learned from that to print the patterns I find or at least save the to my computer so if the author decides to take them down, I will have a copy for myself.

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