Saturday, April 11, 2009

we are here

Long day of flying and travel, but everything went well. Lots of bumps and jumps from California to Houston yesterday so we must have flown over the tornados that were out there. Smooth sailing from Houston to Cleveland though. We got in very late and everyone is still asleep. I wish I could say the same for me, but as soon as the sun comes up, I am awake. I was up at 7, which is 4am my time and couldn't get back to sleep. I can smell the breakfast from downstairs which doesn't help either!

I forgot my son's carseat on the first plane and then forgot to go to baggage claim when we got to the Cleveland airport to file a claim so they could send it to me. I guess I will have to call them today and see if they still have it. I will probably be cheaper just to buy another one when I get home. The guy at the rental place let me borrow one for free while we are here, after I upgraded to a more expensive car. Nice guy :) But, it's all good. At least one of the kids doesn't have to ride on the top. That's the problem with having so many kids! Everything costs more.

Today's plans include brunch, watching a tennis match, tailgate party (it is only supposted to get to 48 degrees--maybe we can tailgate from inside a building! brrr) and then hangning out. The kids want to pick up swimsuits because this place has a nice pool. Don't know why I didn't realize that when I made the reservations, but there are lots of shopping places around here so I think we will stop and pick up swimsuits. They need new ones anyways and we left extra room in the bags for shopping anyways.

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