Thursday, April 16, 2009

so good to be home

Well, that was a great trip, but it sure feels good to be back home again. Even after not getting enough sleep last night, I feel so much better having slept in my own bed. The kids are happy again too, just being in familiar surroundings. It is hard to be 'good' all of the time when people are looking at you and to be on your best behavior for days at a time :)

The plane flights yesterday were very smooth and very long. I really liked flying Continental, they had great service, but we did have to go the long way to get there and back, through Houston. This was probably the best service I have had while flying and I would love to fly with them again, just wish they went a more direct route. Maybe in the future, we will try to fly out of San Francisco which will get us there a little faster. I just don't like that airport as much as Sacramento.

I came back to some gorgeous iris in bloom. I was worried that I had missed them all, but most are still in the bud stages. It is supposed to get in the upper 80's by next week so I think I missed Spring, while we were gone!

Here are some pictures from the trip.

The campus is just gorgeous and I would have loved to have gone to a place like this. Sometimes I think back to my college days and wish I could go back, but after this trip, I'm glad I'm all grown up and these days are behind me. I don't miss the lack of sleep and writing papers and learning things I will never use again in my life. I don't miss the hours just sitting around with nothing to do. I like how my life now has things to do all of the time, from taking kids places, to working to my quilting. There is never a time, when I feel like I just sit, waiting for the next thing. I always know what is coming up next.

I also don't miss the dorm laundry facilities. While at college, I helped my daughter out and did some laundry for her. I understand why she hates doing her laundry at school. The laundry room was gross--and I'm not a neat freal--so those of you who hate germs would have been totally freaked out! I remember people leaving clothes in the laundry room for a long time. There were socks and underwear sitting on top of one of the washers for days. And the dryers were full of clothes that nobody came back for. I remember having to take other people's clothes out so you could dry your stuff. Then, they would get mad because you touched their stuff.

The best thing about Oberlin was the daffodils. Everywhere you looked there were flowers blooming. The funny thing is I never did get a picture of the flowers. But I did decide that I want some all white daffodils for my garden next year. I have never seen those before and they sure were different and pretty.

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