Tuesday, April 7, 2009

quilts talk

My friend Nancy gave me this quilt top months ago made from 6 1/2 inch squares that were cut about a year ago. It has taken this long for the quilt to tell me where it wanted to go.

On Saturday, I read on the Facebook page of a good friend from work that her Aunt had passed away and how much her Aunt had loved Easter. After reading that, I knew this quilt needed to go to my friend to comfort her in her loss. All the quilt needed was binding to be finished. I got it done Sunday night and gave it to her yesterday.

I have to share some more iris pictures. They are really starting to show their colors now. The problem is we are leaving for a week starting Friday and I hope I don't miss the best of the show while I am gone. I am flying out to visit my daughter at college. I might have to leave my camera with the girl who is watching the house and pets so she can take pictures for me when I get back.

These are all in the backyard.

This hill will be covered in color soon.

This is a little tiny flower on a teeny tiny plant.

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