Saturday, April 18, 2009

Busy day--but so fun

Well, I'm trying to squeeze every bit of fun there can be left in this vacation. Today was the Napa Iris Farm ( and Picnic Day at UC Davis.

First, the iris farm. I love to go there and look at all of their iris and dream of one day having that many :)

This year, I went with the intention of adding some yellow iris to my collection. I know I have purchased some yellow iris in the past, but so far only the yellow/other color combo iris have bloomed, so I am not sure if the all yellow ones have died, or just not bloomed yet.

I got 3 yellow, one orange and one varigated leaf iris to add to my collection. It is early in the season and most of the iris haven't bloomed yet, so I think I will go back in a couple of weeks to see more blooms, probably when my iris have finished for the year.
The iris I bought were mostly the rebloomers. I love those kind because they bloom twice a year, which is a nice surprise in November, when things are quieting down for the year.
Then, it was Picnic Day at UC Davis, my alma matter. I love going to Picnic Day, but this year was so crowded! I almost ran over several drunk students trying to find a parking space. Most of the time we go early in the morning so I haven't had this problem before. This time we didn't get there until almost 3pm so I guess the kids had time to be drinking all day. It was crazy!
My kids had a great time riding their bikes around the campus and tie dying shirts which will be ready tomorrow.
We found my daughter's friend who plays in the Band-uh and saw these weird kids playing in the tree. They have a band competition and several schools were there, Stanford, Humbolt State, Berkeley and they all had different costumes on. Stanford was the weirdest, half naked people playing instruments. I'm sure their parents would be proud! :)
Then it was time for crepes for dinner and time to come home.
I'm so very tired, but had such a great time.

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