Thursday, April 23, 2009

They don't stand a chance

I'm so sad. First we had temps in the high 90's for a couple of days. My poor iris wilted in the heat. Then, last night and all of today we have had winds in the 30-40mph range. Trees were knocked down in my neighborhood, trash cans knocked over and my poor iris are almost completely wiped out. They are trying so hard to look beautiful and just having the hardest time with the weather. I am really going to have to go back to the Napa Iris Farm to see some more beautiful iris blooms before the season is over (

I'm also still not feeling like getting quilting done. I pinned another quilt to the frame today and am going to make myself work on it some tonight and also work on the quilt for my daughter's room mate since time is running out before her birthday! I know that as soon as I get myself back into the habit of working on quilts every day, I will find the energy again, but it is so much easier to sit at this computer and veg.

I think I also need to set some goals for myself to help motivate me.

Goals by April 30:

Quilt 3 quilts

finish the quilt top for Kristin

Bind 3 quilts

Cut and sew backs for 3 quilts

There, those are big goals, but I have a weekend coming with no plans so far and it is supposed to cool down even more and maybe even rain next week. Nothing better than quilting in the rain. I feel better already.

Ready, set, go!


Sue H said...

You can do it! Like the irises, you have stored energy. You just have to tap into it. I'm cheering for you!

Bonnie said...

Marilyn: I've awarded you the Friends Blog Award for your interesting blog. Great irises... hum, I'd be happy to get a daffodil or two to come up... too many deer around here for many flowers!
Stop by to pick up a copy of the award. Bonnie