Sunday, April 26, 2009

making progress towards goals

I really do well with goals because I know people are watching and rooting me on! Even if nobody leaves a comment (hint-hint) I know you are out there, reading and wondering if I will be able to reach the goals I set for myself. I wonder too, but since I put them out there for everyone to read, I decided I had better give it my best shot.

Last night I quilted this beauty. After looking at the stitches and slowing down a little when hitting the points on the leaves, I am happy with my quilting. It is not perfect, so that gives me a reason to practice more, but it doesn't look terrible either.

Someone commented on one of my groups that not perfectly same size stitches makes the quilt look like it was done by hand, rather than by a computer, which is something I do like, so I will keep practicing and not be so hard on myself. After all, I'm not going for first place in the next quilting show. These quilts are meant to bring comfort to kids in orphanages in Kazakhstan. I took a look at the pictures of the kids who received the last batch of quilts and I didn't see one kid looking at the stitches on his/her quilt! They were too busy wrapping themselves in them and hiding under them and touching them to care about such sillyness!

This second quilt was started back in January of this year. I know this because I put a tag on the top, Jan 2 when I finished it. I quilted this on this morning because the back from the last quilt was big enough for a second top and this one matched too, so I figured instead of taking the extra backing off, why not stick an extra top on and go to town.

I like these quick stripie quilts from because they are so great for practicing my quilting on. They have these great stripes that are great for my little machine. I can try new things in each of the rows if I want and everyone thinks that I planned to do it that way.

To reach my goal for Wednesday, I need to quilt one more quilt and sew two more backs together. The backs will take all of 10 minutes to do so that part will be easy. I still have Kristin's quilt to sew together--maybe an hour? and three bindings to put on. It is going to be difficult, but if I work this afternoon instead of correcting papers, I think I can do it :)


Penny said...

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Bonnie said...

I've used that same leaf pattern on my dsm. It is very nice -- looks great on the stripie quilt. And, remember don't be too hard on yourself. You're doing fine. Bonnie.

Helen in the UK said...

Looks like you are making GREAT progress - way to go :)