Monday, September 29, 2014

Bomb threat at my school

Well, today was fun.  The last 5 minutes of my 5th period class, we got an announcement saying that this wasn't a drill and to evacuate immediately.  I told my students to grab their stuff and get out quickly.  From the tone of voice of the Vice Principal, I knew it was serious.

Too bad I didn't grab my purse, because it is still at school.  We stayed outside on the field for about 45 minutes and they finally told us to evacuate to the middle school which is close by.  Only about 10 of our 80 teachers escorted the kids.  I have no idea what happened to the rest of the teachers.  After making sure the kids got on the bus, called their parents or walked home, I tried getting back into my classroom, but was told that I couldn't.

Good thing I had my keys and phone.  Some teachers had to leave their cars there because they could not get back in to get them out.  The police officer said it would take all night to search the school.

Oh, the exciting life I lead.


Farm Quilter said...

Wow, that's awful!!! I'll be interested to know what really happened!! We had a dead body found in an outhouse on school property and a guy with a gun on campus when I was teaching high school. Worst thing was on one of them was my class was sheltering in place in the library through kids were a bit miserable, but we survived. So very glad you are safe, even if you are without your purse!

Farm Quilter said...

Reading the comments at the end of the article was enlightening...can't please everyone all the time and this just gets them right out there...soon they are snapping at each other. In a way, false threats do actually do some good - they show us where the system needs tweaking to make it work more smoothly. I was always afraid of a bomb threat/pulled fire alarm that got us all out of the school and into the line of fire of a sniper!