Monday, September 29, 2014

Youngest's Tennis Lessons

 My youngest is 10 and started playing tennis when he was about 4.  He hasn't played in a long time, but has started up with lessons again a few weeks ago.  He has picked up right where he left off.
 He had a private lesson on Saturday and he is getting really good.  He can rally the ball and keep it on the court.  He can serve and get the ball in most of the time.  The coach thinks he is ready for playing matches.  He's not so sure.
Taking him to lessons transports me back 20 years when I was taking my oldest daughter.  There are some little girls who remind me of my daughter.  They are totally uncoordinated and can't remember which foot to move.  They run into the ball and trip over their own feet.  It was hard to remember when my daughter was that little, but seeing these little ones makes those memories come back like it was yesterday.  It's crazy how things work like that!  I'm afraid to blink, or my little guy will be grown and gone!

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