Monday, September 1, 2014

43 quilts in August

Remember I'm only doing the quilting on most of these, so don't get too impressed and think I made them all by myself.  There's a big group of people, some cut the fabric, some sew the tops together, I did all the quilting and then they get passed to the binding brigade who finish them off.  I know I made at least 5 of them all myself, but that was because people keep having babies around me and I wasn't working the first half of the month.  Since I went back to work, my quilting has slowed down significantly.  I'm not happy with that.  Once my body gets used to the new schedule and my energy level comes back up, the quilting will pick up.

You see, I get up at 5:30am, have breakfast and make lunches.  Then, I get the kids up and get dressed.  I have an hour in the morning where I can get some quilting time in.  Since the machine does most of the work, I can sew or cut fabric while the machine is working.  I can check Facebook, emails or grade papers too.

I've started walking again most days because I've found that I really do feel better if I exercise.  Who knew doctors were right when they advised that exercise helps?  While that takes away from quilting time, in the long run it does help because I feel better more often so I'm more capable of getting other things done more often.

So after dinner I have another hour of quilting time if there aren't kid activities to go to, like tennis or swimming lessons.  A little time here and there adds up to a lot of quilts finished at the end of the month.  A lot of quilts means a lot of comfort.

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