Saturday, September 20, 2014

Vacaville Jazz Festival

 Group one is done for today.  I can't believe how much my son has improved in the 6 years since this group started.  it shouldn't amaze me because he has doubled in size so he should have improved in his music ability as well, but the notes that come out of his instrument are actually nice to listen to instead of just farting sounds :)
 My youngest is starting to play the trumpet and it's a scary thing listening to the difference in a beginning band kid and one who has put in the hours of practicing to make something beautiful happen.  But with patience on the part of the student and parent, beauty does come.
 There were many times I wanted to tell him to just stop.  Especially those days when I had a terrible headache.  But I didn't and now I am so glad.  I had lots of people come up to me and tell me what a great job he did.  Like I had anything to do with his success, other than allow him the freedom to make the horrible noises and pay for the instrument and lessons and nag him when he didn't feel like practicing.  Ok, I guess I did have something to do with his success.  I will take the praise :)
And I will thank my parents for instilling the importance of the love of music and playing an instrument in me.  All of those years of piano lessons has finally paid off.  One more year! is what my mom kept saying for 13 years.  See mom, someone got the benefit of the practicing I did.  My son has taken up piano and loves it too.  I may never be a concert pianist, but he has fallen in love with music and has benefitted from the lessons I took so long ago.

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Farm Quilter said...

Yes, the difference is amazing!! I remember when my two oldest daughters started playing the violin (7 years apart)...always sounded like cats were dying at first, but in the end they are both quite proficient players that I enjoy listening to :) Way to hang in there, mom!!