Monday, September 8, 2014

Quilting to cover Napa

I'm still working to finish up big quilts to cover those who lost homes to the Napa earthquake a couple weeks ago.  Some days it seems like yesterday and some days it seems like months ago.  Time has a way of warping once school starts.  Once I'm back in the groove, it seems like I never had a break for summer.

After this weekend's long road trip to drop my daughter off at college, I just sat around the house.  I had a terrible migraine yesterday and am hoping that it doesn't return today.  This will be a long week with lesson planning today after school, dentist appointments for everyone tomorrow, campus cleanup on Wednesday, Tennis and swim lessons Thursday and totally crashing on Friday :)  I have to get some grocery shopping in or we won't be eating all week!

How much quilting can I squeeze in?  I hope there is some!

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