Sunday, September 21, 2014

Binky Sunday

This beautiful quilt top was donated recently and is the perfect size for the Boles Fire in Weed California.  I quilted it up yesterday, it will get bound this week and will be on its way by the weekend to bring comfort to a family that lost everything.  I love how so many people are working together to help bring comfort.

I picked up a bunch of sheets at a recent 50% off sale at the thrift store and am loving having those as backing fabrics.  No piecing required before throwing them on the machine.  I will have to remember to check them out the next time the thrift store has a sale.  Goodwill doesn't put theirs on sale, just clothes so I have to watch when Savers or the Opporturnity Thrift store has their.  For $3 I can get a king size sheet which will fit any size quilt I need  to make.  You can't get fabric for that price!  And the leftovers go into the scrap bin.

Today at Binky Sunday we will be cutting up lots of scraps to make quilt kits.  I've had several calls from people wanting to help.  For every call I get, I'm sure there are many more who will just be showing up to help out, plus the teens from my high school will be there with eager hands.  I just hope I bring enough fabric for them to cut.  I never know how much they will be able to work through.  I would hate to run out!

I just loaded a roll of 15 yards of backing fabric onto the machine and am now trying to find enough quilt tops to match.  I got that at the thrift store for $10 a few months ago.  It's a pirate print in red and is perfect for boys.

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