Monday, September 1, 2014

big quilts for Napa

 Ah, yes, I do love my little helper and his dirty little foot :)  Just to get in the picture :)  We are having a lazy day around here on Labor Day.  Thank you to those who protested so we could have a day off.  We will have to work for almost 2 months straight now until we get another break!  The life of a teacher!
 This is my design of a boy and girl holding hands and I thought it went well with some of the fabric on the front of this quilt with the 9 1/2 inch tumblers.  A quick quilt to put together and a big one for Napa.  I love the design and wanted the quilting to stand out so used a pink thread on the back.
This quilt was made with the 6 1/2 inch hex die and triangles and came out so cute.  It's an I spy quilt because each hex design is different and will be fun to look at.  The edges will be squared up when bound (unless the binder wants to spend hours putting on bias binding) and is easy to sew because you just sew it in rows with adding two triangles to each hexagon and then sew the rows together to make the design show up.

My daughter and I headed out to GoodWill this morning for their 50% off sale.  I found some more funny t shirts and then over to Savers for their 50% off sale.  I got a whole bunch of sheets at 50% off.  That's a whole lot of nice cotton fabric.  King size sheets were $3.50 and twins were $1.50.  I picked out boy/men sheets because I have plenty of girly stuff and am always coming up short when it's time to make quilts for boys.  I can use them for backing or if there are sport or stains on them, can cut them for tops.  It's important to either check the label or feel them to be sure you are getting 100% cotton because many are poly or poly blend (easy in wear and no iron) but 100% cotton is better for quilting.  But you can't find less expensive fabric, even in the men's shirt section and I got some really nice stripe fabric and prints, plus tried to pick things that actually went together so I could use it right away and not have to wait until I found stuff in y stash to match because who knows how long that would take.  I want to use it up, not just add more to my stash, which I'm really good at!

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jirons42 said...

I love the boy/girl quilting!!