Thursday, September 25, 2014

More quilts for the Boles Fire victims

 Here's a couple more quilts finished over the weekend for the victims.  It's so hard to gt quilting done during the week with all of the 'stuff' going on with school and home and getting my little guy to his activities this year.  But I quilt when I can and they are getting done.  I'm considering hiring a helper so the house gets cleaned at least once a month.  That will take some of the stress off me and give me some more time for fun.  Fun is important!  And after the day I had yesterday, it sure would have been nice to come home to a clean, organized house :)

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Farm Quilter said...

Cute quilts that will provide warm hugs for those poor people!! Hard to get quilting time with everything and everyone else demanding attention, but you are making it happen!!