Saturday, September 6, 2014

Taking her back to school

It doesn't get easier to take your kids off and leave them at college, but I do know she will be fine this year and that makes me feel just a little better.

 My daughter got to move in 3 weeks early because she is part of the Resident Life program and will be helping all of the incoming freshmen move in.  She will be planning games and activities to help them feel welcome when they leave home in just a few weeks.
 Her new dorms are gorgeous!  Wish things were this nice when I went to school so long ago
 Of course, she thinks they fancied things up for the summer programs and that most of this will be gone when everyone moves in a couple weeks from now.  She isn't sure where they keep these planters with all the flowers, but she says they aren't around during the school year.
 But, in this drought year, just look at how beautiful the lawn is!
 And one of my favorite flowers, the Kangaroo paw, is blooming nicely.
 I bought a couple of plants and they froze over the cold Northern California winter.  They sure do well in So. Cal.  They are native to Australia.
 They have a very deep blue/purple Agapantha here that I haven't seen up North.
 Her dorms are near the tennis courts and maybe she will play some tennis this year...unless she is too busy playing Quidditch.  She does love her quidditch matches.
 There were planters in the hallways too, which weren't there during the year.
 The bamboo courtyard was a nice place to study or just hang out with friends.

 More planters with flowers.  I told her she has to let me know if they are gone when the kids show up.
 I'm sure these fancy orchids will be gone, but they sure were pretty!
 I should have used my flash to get a better picture.  She's all grown up now.
 These begonias reminded me of my home in Long Beach.  My mom had lots of begonias when I was growing up.  It's too cold over the winter in N. Cal to keep them outdoors, but I wanted to sneak a piece to see if I could grow them inside.  I resisted breaking off a small piece to take home and try to grow.
 A few selfies with my old fashioned camera.
 I tried looking sad...
 But, I just looked creepy.
 and creepier...
 and happy wasn't much better
I love this look my daughter was giving me.  I've seen it so many times before.  I knew it was time to go and let her enjoy her college life.  I'm so proud of the woman she is becoming.  Even if a bit of my heart gets ripped out every time I say goodbye.

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