Saturday, September 20, 2014

Fish quilt for the Boles Fire

This is a great quilt for a guy and will be finished up soon and headed out to someone who lost a home to the Boles Fire, which is what they are calling the fire that destroyed half the town of Weed, California.  The news first said 750 homes, but it was really 150 homes, a church, lumbermill and a school.  the town will take a long time to rebuild.  A friend from school said she has a good friend who just had a baby last month and their house burned in the fire.  That family will definately get a quilt.

We are having a quilt day tomorrow and there will be three Accuquilt Studio cutters working full time to make quilt kits that will be taken home and sewn together.  Good thing I have a lot of helpers and a lot of donated fabric!  Now if only I had a couple vacation days coming up.

My energy level is increasing and I'm able to get a little more done in the evenings so hopefully my quilt production will start to go up.  We are still finishing up the quilts for the Napa Earthquake victims.  I wish I had some more long arm quilters in our group, but we will work with what we have and get the quilts out as quickly as we can.

I also wish I was more organized because I spend half my time trying to match up the backing and quilt tops.  If those were already matched up, I could get more accomplished.  When my friend Judy came over and we spent a couple ours matching things, I was able to work through 80 quilts in a month.  Of couse, I wasn't working during July either, which really helped.  Maybe I should take a day and have a matching party and then spend another day just sewing the backing pieces together so I'm ready to just work on quilting.

But, not today.  Today is my son's Jazz festival.  He plays in 2 bands and over the past 6 years I have learned to appreciate Jazz music!  Crazy how that happens.  When he first started playing jazz, I just didn't get it.  It sounded like random notes and was just noise.  Now, I actually like it.

So, I'm off to listen and enjoy and have a second breakfast.  Hope your day is filled with music or quilting, or even better, both!

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