Tuesday, September 2, 2014

quilting, quilting

 A little here and there gets the job done.  People always ask me how I accomplish so much at the end of the month and I often wonder it myself.  But, when one quilt comes off the machine, I always try to get another on there, so when I have a few minutes, I can push a button and let the machine do the work.
It's much easier if I pull one quilt off and have another ready, than to force myself to get off the couch and pick through the quilts and find backing fabric.  If I know a quilt is almost done, I try to get the next one ready.  It doesn't always happen and those are the days when not much gets done.

Also, having a goal or project like the quilts for Napa really helps too.  Knowing there are people needing hugs makes me work faster.  When I have piles of quilts waiting for homes, I don't work as quickly.  It seems there is always a need somewhere so I rarely take a rest.  There's always a need at the local hospital and kids in foster care and the Nurse Family Parthership, plus the kids in Safe Families who need to know someone cares about them.  Working at the high school I hear about kids all the time whose home situation warrants a hand made hug.

What motivates you to get back to work when you would rather sit on the couch and read about what everyone else is working on?

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