Sunday, June 8, 2014

Quilting is my sanity and sometimes that's not enough

Oh, the parent emails won't let up.  My husband has been sick for a few weeks, He's been having stomach pain for a few weeks.  The doctors have run every test there is and can't find anything but it still hurts him.  That's causing him a lot of anxiety, which is a cyclical issue.  Which came first?  The anxiety or the stomach pain?  How do you make it stop?  Mental health in this country sucks.  That's one reason I love Margaret's Hope Chest, which is where this quilt is headed.  They support A Mother's Hope.  It is a program for mothers experiencing Postpartum Depression.  There is a link on my right sidebar for more information about how you can help too.  I will quilt for you for free if you want to make a quilt top and send it to me.  That's where this quilt top came from.

 School has ended, but I still have three work days next week.  We have to do lesson planning and work on curriculum for the next year.  Trust me, working with the kids would be less stressful.

So, I have my quilting.

But of course, the machine decides it wants some attention.  About half way through the first row, the tension gets all screwy.  Where's Jack, the Ripper?  I guess he was getting lonely too.  We spent some quality time together last night and this morning ripping out the stitches in the first row.


Quilting is supposed to be stress relieving, not add to my stress level.  Maybe I will take a nap.  I haven't been sleeping well lately.  And then go out for ice cream.  It's over 100 here today.

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Quiltingranny said...

Ice cream cures all! Has hubby had an ultrasound? I had gall bladder issues for almost a year and finally in doing an US they had me roll over and there were the stones!