Thursday, June 26, 2014

my mom's hip surgery

 My mom is 80 years old and her right hip has been hurting her for a long time.  The joint has deteriorated to the point that replacement was necessary.  The way they do it now is to cut off the top of the leg bone and replace it with a metal ball and then add the socket to the hip bone.  That is screwed into place and the pain is gone.  We got to the hospital early and were ready to go.  The paperwork was all filled out and we were waiting for the nurse to take my mom back into her room.  This was a beautiful hospital in Denver.
 The nurse said everyone pulls out a camera once the hat goes on.
 My parents have been married 50 years.  This picture shows the love they have for each other.  My dad just had a pacemaker put in 3 weeks ago and now it's his turn to take care of my mom.
 This was her doctor.  Everyone who heard that she had Dr. Chang had nothing but great things to say about him.  They said he was the best at hip replacement and had the quickest recovery times.  They made us think she would be skipping out of there.
 Her nurse, Greg, was very friendly and took great care of my mom.  He made sure she had everything she needed and got us out of there on time on Friday.  Sometimes all of the paperwork can take forever on the day of discharge.  My mom was ready to go about 8am as soon as the doctor said she could go.  My dad and I didn't show up until noon because we had some garage sales to check out first.  We knew she wouldn't be ready to go so early, but she was ready to get home and into her own surroundings.  We were able to leave around 1pm.  While she could have walked out on her own, they figured the distance to the car would be too much for her.
 Her physical therapist, Cole, was nice too.  She liked how well my mom did using her walker.  She was very encouraging.  My younger daughter talked about being a physical therapist a couple years ago, but has since changed her mind and thinks she wants to be a mathematical statistician or business economics annalist.
Home and happy!  Well on the road to recovery.  They say she may have to use the walker for 6 weeks, but I saw a big improvement after only 4 days.  She may be skipping soon after all.

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KaHolly said...

What a wonderful story about your mom's experience. She must have an incredible positive attitude to have been able to endure through it all and come out strong on the other end. I'll bet she's just so relieved to be pain-free!! Give her my very best.