Wednesday, June 25, 2014

my sister, my mom and technology

 here's my much older sister.  She is 16 months older than me and was 2 years ahead of me in school. The cut off date for school was December 2 and my birthday is Dec 21 so I was one of the oldest kids in my class.  She was always better than me at everything and I decided that rather than compete, I'd just let her win at everything.  It was much easier to take the easy route and get the B's.  Of course, she's probably smarter than me, but having that excuse made things easier for me.

I gave my mom my camera and showed her which button to push.  I put my arm around my sister and told her to try to be pretty.  That got us giggling.  But, then my mom tried looking through the little hole in the camera and said she couldn't see our heads.  She was pointing the camera at the floor.  We told her to point the camera up, at us and she kept pointing it down farther and farther and saying she couldn't see us.  We just kept laughing harder and harder.

That made my mom laugh more and more and of course the picture came out blurry.
 So, then she hands the camera to my sister's oldest son.  He's 18 and surely he knows how to use a digital camera right?  Well, he knows how to use a camera phone, but not an old fashioned digital camera.  He says we are too far away.
 Nope, too blurry.
I told him there is a zoom on the camera, so he gets up and points the camera in our faces.  That was just too much.  We never did get a good picture of the two of us.  But, this is how I will remember my big sister.  And my goofy family.

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