Monday, June 9, 2014

Do you think they would notice?

 I have three more days of teacher work days.  We are supposed to be working on curriculum and writing tests and finals.  The problem is, our department meets every week after school for about two hours on our own time and we have already completed all of the tasks we are supposed to have completed by Wednesday afternoon.  It is going to be a LONG three days.
 I LOVE being a teacher.  I know it doesn't sound like it sometimes when I come here and complain about all the things that go wrong.  But, seriously the kids make me laugh daily.  Watching their brains grow makes me happy.  Seeing them mature from a goofy freshman who can't sit still in a chair into a senior who has a vision for the rest of their life makes me proud and a little teary eyed as they walk across the stage at graduation.  I know I had a very small part in that process.
I'm just thinking the next three days could be better spent doing something productive rather than pretending we are doing things we've already done.  Yes, we are finally getting paid for those things.

I'm wondering if my co workers would notice if I brought a sewing machine and spent the next three days sewing during the meetings.  I have about 6 machines so maybe if I brought them all, we could all sit and sew and talk.  Then, people wouldn't feel left out, we would have beautiful quilts, the curriculum would be written and everyone would be happy.  As long as the principal didn't walk in on our meeting, nobody would be the wiser!

Maybe I had just better bring some crocheting along.  Or just tow the line and daydream during the meeting like I do during staff meetings.

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