Sunday, March 30, 2014

The end of March

 March is quickly coming to an end and I'm quickly trying to get my quilt numbers up.  My goal this year is one quilt quilted a day.  So far, I've surpassed that goal, but I never know what each day will bring, so when the weekends come along, I quilt like crazy.  Ignore the socks on the floor.  Obviously, I don't do laundry like crazy :)
Even though purple isn't my favorite color, I do love this quilt.  The border really makes the rest of the colors pop and I love the dark, diagonal stripe in the middle.  This weekend I started really attacking some scraps and making up more quilt kits.  I'm frustrated with my lack of organization and know if I could just have a system that works better, I could get more done.  I'm constantly jumping from project to project.  I have several people who would sew more quilt tops if I could have the kits ready for them.  I have lots of fabric donated, but just don't get around to cutting efficiently.  Everything is everywhere and so yesterday I spent a bit of time trying to move some things to make cutting and sorting more efficient.  This is about the 73rd time I've tried re-arranging things and probably won't be the last.  What I really need is a barn about the size of a football field with 46 full time workers and a chef to cook my meals, but until that happens, I will keep moving things until I find a system that works for me.  If I can cut quilt kits while Rebecca the Robo quilter quilts, and then get the kits out, and make the backings out of the bigger pieces as the fabric is donated, I wouldn't have the big pile up in my front room.  It all seems to make sense in my head, but in reality, my plan never seems to work.  Too bad I have to go to work to make money so we can live :)

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