Saturday, March 29, 2014

and then there are those other kids

So Friday is the end of a very long week.  I felt like staying home, pulling the covers over my head and just sleeping the day away.  But, I knew that wouldn't solve my troubles.  Yesterday was my last day of prednisone and the last week has been bad migraine wise with all the extra stress added in from student/parent issues.

I got to school and unloaded my car.  I had about 10 quilts that need binding.  I have a friend at work who has now been doing a lot of the binding for me since my friend Judy hurt her shoulder.  I grabbed the armful of quilts, mustered my strength and figured I had no choice but to face the day.

At school, some days I have to walk through the mine field of a kickball game to get to my classroom.  This isn't kickball like I remember it.  These are high school kids and it's version 9.0.  They are out for blood and you better be on your game if you want to stay alive.  They kick that ball hard!

So, I'm holding quilts and trying to watch for the ball so I don't die and from way across the field I hear someone yell, "I love you Mrs. Lewis!"

I can't tell you how much that made my day!

Most mornings I'm greeted by several students like that, but not quite that loudly or enthusiastically.  This particular child made sure the whole school heard her.

Of course, it was my friend Carla's daughter.  Then she asked, 'what did you bring me?'

When I offered her one of the many quilts, she said, 'no way!'  I think she has had her fill of quilts, like my kids.

I walked a little quicker that morning (and not just to keep from getting hit in the head by the ball).

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