Friday, March 7, 2014

Science Fair is over :)

The 2nd Annual Solano County Science Fair was held at Vanden High School today.  75 projects from three school were entered.  Judges came from Vallero, Clorox and a private Electrical Engineer to judge the event.  The 8 judges worked all morning to choose the top projects which are now eligible to go on to the California State competition in April held in Los Angeles.  Students competed in three categories, Biology, Environmental Science and Physical Science.  An overall winner for the fair was chosen from the top projects in each category.  Over 400 students from Vanden viewed the fair throughout the day.  A public viewing of the fair was held from 5-7pm and awards were handed out at the event.  Students received plaques and cash prizes from $50 to $125.  The fair is endorsed by Solano County Office of Education and sponsored by Clorox and Vallero Benicia Refinery.

Marilyn Lewis, science teacher at Vanden High School and the organizer of the event, is proud to announce the winners:

Middle School

Physical Science 1st Place
        Jaylan Catacutan        Car Aero: How Aerodynamics Affects Cars      Notre Dame

Environmental Science 1st Place
     Wil Valtakis III           Ferro Fluid: Ability to Assist in Waste Removal of Oil Disasters       Herritage Peak Charter School

High School

Overall Winner of the fair

Ryan Lee, Craig Tacey   Relationship of Resonant Frequency to Electrical Discharge in a Tesla Coil      Vanden

Physical Science

1st place: Cierra Bursell       Photochemistry: The Effect of Light a Chemical Reaction Vanden
2nd place: Omena Mushale        Engineering and Testing Wings   Vanden
3rd place: Jasmine Ly   How pH Levels Affect Hair Strength Vanden

Environmental Science

1st place:  Amber Comer   Tutti Frutti  Vanden
2nd place: Shaiann Edmondson    Will the Gas Pass? Vanden
3rd place: Carrington Porter, Spencer Fruedenberg       Do Worms Help of Hurt Plant growth?     Vanden


1st place: Alex Aerni, Jessica Jaekel   The Effect of Temperature on Cellular Respiration of Crickets   Vanden
2nd place: Nyssa Hubbell, Migel Rodriguez       Disinfectants: Effectiveness Against Microorganisms     Vanden
3rd place: Zac Millard     Relative Age Effect Bias in Major League Baseball     Vanden

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