Monday, March 24, 2014

Quilts for Washington

 If you've been watching the news and have seen the crazy pictures about the mudslide in Washington State this weekend you might have just as hard a time as I'm having wrapping your head around the whole thing.  I found these pictures showing the comparison between what the area looked like before and after the slide.  A whole neighborhood wiped off the map.  Here we are in California wishing for rain and look what too much can do.
Well, I can't go and help dig and I can't send money, but I do have fabric, some time and can make some comforting hugs.  If you have the desire to help in some way and want to send a quilt or two, Layers of Hope, Quilting 911 is collecting quilts.  They are located in Washington State and will personally deliver any and all quilts to the victims' families and 911 responders who are helping with this tragedy.  There is a button on my side bar at the right that will take you to the blog with more information and a contact, or you can search Facebook for the group.

After the terrible day at school I had today, it's nice to come home to stop thinking about myself and focus on helping someone else.

I had my meeting this morning with my student who threatened to bring a gun to school's parents.  Can you believe they were mad because they had to have another meeting?  Who were they mad at, their son?  No, I heard about 73 excuses for his behavior, which he never admitted to.  They were mad at the school for making them miss work again.  They were mad that he isn't passing his classes and that he is frustrated because he is making bad choices.  Excuses for why they don't hold him accountable and why dad hasn't been around and why mom lets him get away with everything and they wanted to know what the school was going to do to make everything better.

I left the meeting with such a terrible headache and then was expected to just put it behind me and teach.  Teach kids who needed me as much as that other kid needed me.  They needed me to be at the top of my game, to pass on knowledge and give them attention, to entertain and make them laugh and love science and air pressure and wind, when all I wanted to do was take a nap and cry.

So, yes, today was a terrible day, but I'm thankful for my hobby that allows me to forget the day and hopefully comfort someone else who is having a much worse day.  At least I got to come home and hug my children.  And pray for a better day tomorrow.


jirons42 said...

I will also pray you have a better day. All you do for others amazes me.

Farm Quilter said...

(((((((hugs)))))) Thank you for what you do every day for your students! I taught a self-contained special ed class for students with cognitive deficits and I frequently thought that my students' parents were a bigger disability than the one they were labeled with. That poor boy's parents will blame the police and the law when their son ends up in jail...seems like none of them want to accept responsibility for their actions and those people generally end up in jail because they have never gotten that the choices they make have consequences! Gee, sounds like a lesson in cause and effect may be in order :) Hang in there...only a couple more months!!