Sunday, March 2, 2014

show some love for Margaret's Hope Chest

 To find out more about Margaret's Hope Chest and the things they do, click on the button on the right side bar.  All three of these quilts were sent to me to quilt and send on to MHC for their prison ministry.  Dads in prison will pick out a quilt for their child to remind them they are still loved.  Often, the child serves time right along with the parent.  When their friends find out they have a parent in prison, they get teased.  When their friends' parents find out, they might not get invited over for sleepovers or birthday parties.  The kid did nothing wrong, but they get punished anyways.  I see kids all the time because I live right next to a prison and often times the families come to live close so they can still visit.  It isn't fair, but it happens anyways.
 One quilt won't change the world, but it may change the world for the child receiving it.  When they wrap up in it at night, they will be reminded that their dad loves them and that can make a big difference.  Just knowing someone cares about you can get you through some rough times.  So, check out Margaret's Hope Chest and see if you can help out with a quilt or two.  Boy quilts are especially needed.

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