Sunday, March 16, 2014

Happy National Quilting Day

 Here's what yesterday looked like at the Robotics Competition.  You get a whole bunch of really smart kids together in a HUGE gym with a bunch of robotic machines throwing exercise balls through these targets.  Add to that lots of music and yelling and kids dancing all the time.
 I have no idea how they keep up the energy all day long for 3 days.  They are crazy.  I was tired after an hour.
 Here's most of the team, minus the scouters.  My son is a scouter.  They had to stay in the stands and keep collecting data from all the other rounds.  I asked him if after the whole thing was over they got to take a picture with the rest of the team and he said they did.  They always get left out of the team pictures because they are always working.  They do the 'real' work of the team.  They are the 'real' computer nerds.

So, they didn't win this year and they don't get to go on to the championships.  My son was nominated for a huge scholarship and was up against the teacher's daughter.  She won, he lost.  He was really excited for her.  She gets to go on to the championship in St. Louis.  He came in 3rd place.  The top 2 kids got to go on.  Not sure what is worse, losing or coming in 3rd and being so close to winning.  Oh, well it was a good experience for him to go through the interview process.  The girl who got 1st place did the robotics with kids at the Shriner's hospital.  There's just no way to compete with something like that.  He's just really proud of all of the work he's done with the robotics program and how much he's learned.
And I managed to get this quilt quilted yesterday and finished the last couple of rows this morning.  It's for one of my students who got a concussion at a previous robotics event.  They have a new treatment for concussions now called brain rest.  She's been out of school since December and is supposed to come back soon.  But soon keeps getting pushed back by a month every time she goes to the doctor.  She's just sitting at home doing nothing.  Her mom though she could use a quilt to cheer her up.  I had most of the fabric leftover from another quilt I made and her favorite color is purple so this was an easy quilt to get going.  I'm hoping my son will deliver it to me this afternoon if I can get the binding on it.  Binding a quilt isn't hard, it's just hard to make myself sit down and do it when I have so many other things I'd rather do.

I'm going to see if now that robotics season is over, my son will invent a robotic binding machine.  Surely he could come up with something that you put the quilt in, it finds the edge and automatically puts the binding on.  Who would buy that?  I totally would!  How hard would that be to invent?  Who needs a scholarship when you could invent something and make a million dollars?  I'm telling you I'm full of great ideas for things for him to invent.  Of course he needs to be studying for his AP tests.  That is after he catches up on his sleep.

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