Friday, March 14, 2014

2 more for MHC

 This first quilt for Margaret's Hope Chest was quilted with the Paper Doll Girl and Boy quilt design I came up with.  It is SO cute!  I wish you could see the quilting better, but wow, the design is fast and cute and I'm tickled that it worked as well as I had in my head when I drew it out.  They always look better on the fabric than they do on the computer.  I can't even tell you how much fun I'm having designing these digitized quilt designs.  I'm learning so much just by playing around and wish I had the book that went with the program.  Supposedly there is a pdf version on the internet somewhere, but I've searched everywhere and just can't find it.  I even watched 6 youtube videos in German.  I took a year of German in college and understand enough of what the lady was saying just by what she was clicking on and from the English she used to pick up a few tricks.  There really isn't all that much out there for how expensive the program was.
This cute quilt got the giraffe quilt design.  I've actually used that one quite a bit.  It's much slower to quilt out, but so very cute it's worth it when it fits the quilt like this one.  Plus, this is a small quilt, so it's ok.  My son came home with a homework about quilts and the slaves and how they used them to escape.  He wrote up about the rail fence pattern and the message it sent.  I should have sent this one to school so he could show what a real rail fence quilt looked like.  But, then I would have had to put the binding on it.

I've got other things to do.

My older son is in a robotics competition this weekend.  He's up for a big award and will find out tomorrow if he gets it.  If he does, he goes on to the National championship where if he wins that, he gets $100,000 scholarship money for college.  That would be nice :)  I'm hoping he at least gets to try for the scholarship.  That's more quilting money for me :)  He said he thought he did really well in his interview today and was only competing against 5 other boys.  Those are pretty good odds.

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