Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A better day

 Today was a better day.  Between the Prednisone (steroids) and the Botox, my migraines have been better.  Yesterday was the first day in a week I took medicine.  I haven't gone a week without taking drugs for my headaches in at least 6 months, maybe even a year or longer.  And that was probably the last time I was on the prednisone.  The botox has made my forehead completely numb.  It is such a weird feeling.  I can't give the 'teacher look' anymore.  I can't raise my eyebrow to look sternly because the nerves that lift those muscles just don't work anymore.  And then sometimes, they just move on their own and I feel like a freak with my eyebrows lifted up for no reason.

So, I'm kind of scary, but not for the right reasons :)
Good thing I don't have to be a scary teacher to get kids to do what they are supposed to do.  Wow, this picture is really freaking me out.  What is wrong with my eye?  I'm trying to raise my eyebrows and that's all I can do!  Just make one eye bigger.  No wonder the kids just laugh at me!  Yesterday a kid asked me if I was on drugs because my eyes were dilated.  I thought they were crazy, but now, looking at this picture, I can see what they are talking about.
Today I had a headache again, but didn't have to take anything and it has settled down.  I'm looking forward to a relaxing weekend of quilting and cleaning.  We are supposed to get a bit of rain and the flowers are blooming.  A few more days of steroids and I will be back to normal and hopefully the stress will settle down.  Parents will get over the shock of grades (they only seem to care a couple times a year and then they all care at the same time) even though they have access to grades 24/7 with the internet and me sending them a progress report every week.  I guess we are all a little too busy these days.

I'm hoping my rag die comes soon because I'm excited to try it out.  It will cut out flannel squares and cut the edges so you don't have to make all the fringes on them.  All that's left to do is sew the blocks together and you have a finished quilt.  Super quick, no quilting involved and the kids at the middle school can sew these for us.  We have lots of flannel scraps and lots of kids who like to use the Accuquilt Studio cutter, so hopefully this will be a big time saver and we can crank through some of the fabric stash.  It should come in this week :)

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