Saturday, March 8, 2014

Science Fair

This project was the overall winner of the science fair yesterday.  It was something to do with electricity and a Tesla Coil.  The judges loved it because the kids build this contraption and had good science to go with it.  The judges always love it when the kids build something.  I always tell the kids to build something impressive and they have a good chance of winning the fair.
 The winners got money and a plaque.
 Lots of people showed up for the fair.  During the day about 400 kids walked through the fair and in the evening over 100 people showed up.  Way more than we've had in years.  It was awesome!
 I especially liked when the kids stopped to read the projects and talk about science.  Everyone gives science fairs a hard time and complains about having to make a project, but really good things happen at the science fair.
I'm already looking forward to next year.  I had several people step up to volunteer to help me out.  Real, people.  Not fake, I want to help you so I look like I'm doing something kind of people.  People who really want to make the science fair better. :)  My heart is happy, even if my brain isn't.  My forehead is numb from the botox now, but that hasn't helped my migraines.  Annoying.

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